S7 Edge swollen battery
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I thought I had posted this topic in this forum but I cannot find that thread anymore. The short story is that my S7 Edge back separated end of last month. I am sure it was caused by swollen battery. I took it to a corporate store and after some convincing the store manager agreed to have it replaced. He was understanding enough to have the replacement shipped overnight to me at no charge. I received the replacement phone the next morning and started my half day rebuild. Everything worked great. Thank you Verizon Wireless. But this is not a commercial.

My replacement phone had a history and after two days this history carried over to my account and in my case I was hit by a data overage charge. It took some sleuthing with Tech Support to figure out the data metering error, as corporate data metering is NEVER WRONG.

This was sorted out last evening.

Moral: beware of of replacement phone's history of ownership.