S7 edge pink line issue and warrant replacement policies...
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Hey verizon!

Could you update your page at How to Use Guide: Identifying Device Damage | Verizon Wireless ?  All of the pictures of damage to these phones are excessive and a very small scratch, bump or hairline fractures in glass will result in being charged excessively for a "free warranty repair".

I just got a warranty replacement for my 3 month old s7 edge showing a pink verticle line in the display just as my initial phone had and was charged $299.  There was a very small crack reported upon inspection at your facility but was not even seen at the verizon store which processed my replacement or by myself.

For me this was normal wear and tear and if not for the display issue i would have kept the phone.  In fact this issue is very common, reported frequently here on and on Reddit.   Your policies serve as a way to turn a high rate of faulty devices into a profit center in fulfilling warranties due to very minor damage.  Your staff should be trained and your documentation on this scenario should be accurate as to your policies.  Your warranty repair process shouldn't be a mystery.

In fact I have a picture of said abuse I would like you to put on this page so that you give an accurate representation as to what constitutes the bar met to charge back a customer for an otherwise functional phone that was defective to begin with.