S7 updated, I added biometrics/password and now totally locked out. HELP!

I updated my S7  few days ago. As I keep trying to access certain apps, I keep getting prompted to sign in to Samsng pass/biometrics. I did this today. Went through the motions, added fingerprint. Restarted the phone and now it will not accept my password. It says because the phone was restarted, it needs the password entered. I tried the password entered today and it does not work. Tried to unlock it via Google and Samsung locators on my PC, but neither of them give an option to unlock. Is there any way to unlock this and remove the lock screen? The phone just warned me that i have five more attempts before it factory resets me. I DO NOT want to lose everything on my phone. I also am never given an option on this password screen to reset password. There has to be a way to fix this. TIA

** I posted this in Samsung forum and it was suggested to reach out to my carrier instead.

Re: S7 updated, I added biometrics/password and now totally locked out. HELP!
Customer Service Rep

kristymc, we certainly understand your concern and don’t want the phone to factory reset either. Let’s see if we can get you access. Please try to place the phone in Safe Mode. To learn how visit http://spr.ly/6588DWEWO 

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