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I used Smartswitch a while back when replacing my S8+ due to some bad pixels (on Phone 1).  It worked incredibly well.  The new phone (Phone 2) was nearly identical to the old (Phone 1) after using Smartswitch.  The screen on the phone being replaced (Phone 1) was still very usable.  Then I later dropped that "new" phone (Phone 2) and killed the screen.  Couldn't initiate Smartswitch with replacement phone (Phone 3) because of the dead screen on Phone 2.  Is there a way to back up the phone contents and settings (on Phone 3) and then restore to a new phone (a possible Phone 4) without having to access the old, possibly dead phone (Phone 3)?  I realize the restoration would only go as far as my most recent backup.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.


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Re: S8+ Backup and Restore
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I'm sorry to hear that you're having this experience with your Samsung S8+ devices. I know how important it is to be able to back up your content and settings on a phone that's possibly dead and restore to a new phone. Allow us to help. Have you recently backed up your device via Verizon Cloud http://vz.to/1EsFmQ0? Other than initiating Smartswitch, what concerns do you have with your current device (phone 3)?



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