S8 Call Delays

When making outbound calls It hangs in "Dialing" but only get dead air, no dialing tone. Several occasions I have gotten through to someone only to get dead air. They cant hear me and I can not hear them.  When this happen I see that I have more than 2 bars and connected to Wi-Fi.  Checked System storage and I am, at 28/64GB & 2.1/4GB Memory.  Cleared Cache in all apps and still having the same problem.

I am on the updated Android version (updated July12 2018)

Any Idea's as to why it takes several minutes for the phone to "Dial" out and/or why I am getting dead air?


Re: S8 Call Delays
Customer Service Rep

Making sure your calls are connecting is important, so I understand your concern, HHOLLY9607. We're always here to help.


When did this start happening? Does it happen with every call or only when calling certain numbers? Do you have HD Voice enabled http://spr.ly/6589DsWsc? Does this happen only while indoors? 


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