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S8 after 3 days of use and 256 apps

As of 4/21/17, I’ve had this phone 3 days. I’ve installed 250+ apps. I went with the 8 instead of 8+ because after reading per-reviews, the screen size and display are very close, I decided with the 8 even though I currently prefer a larger screen at my age (over 50). My replaced phone was a Galaxy 6+.

So far, so good. NO ISSUES !

Size and weight is wonderful. The display is awesome and even with my vision, plenty of tweaks to make adjustments that make the phone easy to use without glasses. If this is your first smart phone, you’ll be impressed. I’ve had smart phones for over 10 years. This is the smallest phone I’ve purchased and even though I prefer a bigger phone, it is a nice change. I did try a google phone last month and returned it the next day. I was just expecting more and it wasn’t on the same “level” as a Samsung. If the Google Phone was your first smart phone, you would not have anything to compare it with and probably love it.

I had been torn between returning the 8 and getting an 8+ but the more I tinker with the settings and adjustments, the more I like it and it’s me that has to adjust to the phone and not the phone adjusting to me.

All things considered, just for a new phone out less than a week, I’m pressed with it’s operation and user friendly. Part of the credit has to go to Verizon Wireless because they had to support the device and in the past, I’ve always had good luck in stores and on line.

  The only change that would help me with my vision issues are larger icons BUT as I’ve been able to adjust, text and zoom when opening an app is very good to see and read so I don’t feel returning the phone just for that issue is justified.

  I paid full price and I keep my phones normally two years then upgrade. I’m of the opinion you’ll really like this phone but take the time to “learn” it and play with the settings to get the most of out technology.