S8+ having issues using native email

Since the Android update a couple of months ago, I dont get my emails in a timely manner.  I've tried  deleting my email accounts, restarting the phone, then adding them back.  I still have the issue.  I tried switching to Outlook and I don't have the issue there, so it's not my email provider.  I also have the isue that not all emails that I compose are sent.  They end up in drafts but I have no notification that they weren't sent.  Does anyone have a fix for these issues? 

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Re: S8+ having issues using native email
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It is alarming to see that you've been having trouble with your emails, Vballkitty. We know how important it is to receive the on time. Do you have any current software updates available? When did you start having issues? GeorginaG_VZW