S8 plus never gets full bars

I bought my s8 plus back in December and no matter where I am located, in the middle of the city or country, I have never gotten a full set of bars.  I have changed my mobile network setting to LTE/CDMA and still only get a signal strength of -103 to -104dBm 37 asu.  How can I get full bars on this phone when I should be getting full bars?

Re: S8 plus never gets full bars
Customer Service Rep

You’ve taken some great steps in troubleshooting the signal, DONBUT66. You’re absolutely right, too, that changing the Mobile Network setting between LTE/CDMA and Global can make all the difference. In this case, though, changing those settings hasn’t affected your signal strength. Did this happen on your former device? What happens when you try to make a call, send a text, or surf the internet? Please follow these steps to remove then reinsert the SIM card:http://spr.ly/6584DpFzM Be sure to keep us posted. 




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