S9+ Camera Night mode?
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Does anyone know why Verizon stripped the Night Mode upgrade for the camera from the June update for the S9+? I saw other posts online that Verizon users also had this issue with the S10 and this update was well publicized so Verizon can't just keep it hidden under the carpet.  Does anyone know any other carriers in the US that are more faithful to the Samsung release schedule because at this point I feel like I'm paying through the nose to a company that's not timely with updates or that wants to parent my device?

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Re: S9+ Camera Night mode?
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d-m-c, we regret that Night Mode for your camera was removed from your Samsung Galaxy S9+ and understand the value of being able to use the phone with all the features designed by Samsung. We wouldn't want to lose your business and have no reason to take Night Mode away from you. We simply test software updates from Samsung/Google to ensure they don't negatively impact your ability to use our network.


We strive to approve software updates in a timely manner and it's not our intention to ever take away key Samsung features/enhancements. I don't see we have any internal resources on why Night Mode for your camera was removed. Please contact Samsung Support at the link attached so they can provide a more definitive answer on if Night Mode will be brought back via a future software update. In the meantime, if you have any other questions or concerns please let us know. http://spr.ly/6608ESBxr