S9+ Rebooting when wifi connects/disconnects after new update

My Verizon Galaxy S9+ was updated yesterday morning to G965USQS2ARF4 and yesterday started rebooting when wifi disconnected (had a power outage).  It was recreated if I turned wifi off and on.  Today I did a factory reset and it seemed to be OK but a few hours later it started doing it again.  I restarted while in Safe Mode and was still able to recreate so it's not an issue with an app.  I found online an article from another user having the same so it may not be an isolated issue.  The article said if these did not work it may be a hardware issue.  What is the next step?

Re: S9+ Rebooting when wifi connects/disconnects after new update
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Jesmann, having a working phone is important and you have come to the right place for support. It sounds like you know a little something about troubleshooting and I apologize if I ask you to repeat any steps that you have already tried. Do you have any physical damage on your phone? I am providing a couple of links below that should help guide us in the right direction and get your phone back up and running.


Follow this link which has all of the instructions for making sure the software downloaded correctly:



Follow this link which will take you to our Repair Assistant:




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