S9 doesn't always fully connect incoming calls

My daughter and I both have s9+ from Verizon. At least half of our incoming calls do not fully connect when answering. It acts like it's picking up, but it's silent. The caller continues to hear a ring, but it is never picked up on their end. Not does it transfer to voicemail after it times out. My son's S8 has had this issue as well, but not nearly as often. Any ideas?

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Being able to receive incoming calls is very important and those are great devices, ROBBRO83.  We do want to ensure that we get to the bottom of this so that you can receive all your calls.  Is this happening everywhere or at a particular location?  What’s the zip code where this is happening?  Are you experiencing any difficulties with placing calls, texting or data and lastly when did you first notice this difficulty or when did this start?


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