S9 rings but will not answer

Good morning. My samsung s9 rings but does not answer. When i attempt to answer the call the screen shows that the call was answered but the caller hears ringing. This does not go to voicemail. After wards I am able to call out.

The problem is not constant. It seems to have begun around april of this year.  I have a screen protector on it, because of this i set it to answer with the volume up button. Checked the phone for updates and they are good. No physical or water damage to the phone. When the problem is occuring it hapens to all phone numbers that call. Sometimes it will happen for an hour, yesterday it lasted almost all day. I am rebooting the phone periodically. It also happens with calls that are generated from cell and land lines. How do I get rid of this?

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Re: S9 rings but will not answer
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Hi Ed85,



We always want your device to be up and running perfectly. Sorry to hear that this is not happening and we want to help. Thanks for all your hard work in an effort to resolve your issue. Does this issue typically start after using a particular application? Does the issue happen everywhere you travel or in one area?