SCAM By service from coporate

I got 2 phones on the 14th it is now the 22nd.

i have been charged $268 dollars for activation. paid it

another $368 dollars for the first month 2 days later. paid it

went in to ask questions for a crack in my phone and did not authorize a claim.

but they placed one anyway. and now being charged another $368 dollars for in unauthorized claim.

on top of another 368 dollars for my first payment, due in 2 days now!

so i have had 2 phones for less then 10 days and it is going to cost me $1372 dollars to have a phone for 10 days?

you are a piece of dirt in my book. you are scamers and are only out to get peoples money.

i was told it would be 70 a month for one and 60 for the other.

sue me and toss me in jail, have never seen such a scam in my life,'

worst company ever. take these 2 phone and shove them up your butt.

you will get no more from me.

im gona make you famous, find me on youtube.

total scam money hungry cheat the customer take all you can,,

verison is a scam and need to be shut down.

going full open media. this is garbage!!!!!


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Re: SCAM By service from coporate
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About as believable as a two headed unicorn. Activation fees are $20 for self serve or $40 with a rep. Dunno where your numbers came from.

Re: SCAM By service from coporate
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We never want you to regret switching over to us. We're happy to have you be a part of our cellular family, and we want to turn this experience around. I'm here to help. I will be sending you a private message so that we can gather the information needed to look into this together. Please reply to that private note.