SIM card number and ICCID don't match
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I recently activated a new Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra. Regular text messaging works fine but any group messaging or picture messages cannot be sent or received. 

I tried the online troubleshooting and noticed that ICCID number does not match the number printed on the physical SIM card. I am able to make phone calls, browse the internet using cellular data, send and receive regular text-only SMS messages.... It is just the group texting and picture message texts that will not send or receive. 

Any thoughts? I couldn't figure out a solution for the mismatched SIM and ICCID numbers.

Re: SIM card number and ICCID don't match
Customer Service Rep

Hello there tdsmith54 and thank you for reaching out to us today. We can understand your confusion when it comes to the ICCID number and we are here to help. To confirm, does it show a digital SIM card listed in your device by chance?