SMS not showing outgoing

Hello all, I'm a new Verizon customer and I have a Galaxy S 20+. I was using the Samsung messaging app for my SMS texts and I've decided to use the Verizon messaging app instead. All of my messages have come over except for my outgoing SMS messages for every text before I switched to Verizon. Any ideas how I can get these to populate? I have a lot of one-sided conversations.

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Re: SMS not showing outgoing
Customer Service Rep

kyleresq, we want to welcome you to the Verizon family! It is odd to hear that all of your outgoing text messages did not transfer over. Allow us the opportunity to help you resolve this mystery. Can you please clarify if all of your incoming and outgoing text messages have transferred over successfully to the Samsung Messaging app? Are you only experiencing this concern with the Verizon Messages+ app? May we have the Make/Model of your prior device?