SO angry with Verizon and Samsung
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I am BEYOND angry at Verizon AND Samsung right now.

I traded in my Samsung S9 (worst mistake ever!) back in December for an S20. Immediately upon setting up the phone it began to glitch if I used two apps at once, which was never an issue with my S9. The screen constantly freezes and vibrates.

I have been in contact with Verizon ever since and they've had me do all of the troubleshooting. They have sent me two warranty replacement phones that do the EXACT same thing the first one did. I called Samsung at their suggestion to ask them if they would please allow me to return the phone and get a different model that might actually work, but they told me that the only thing they could do is repair it for free or replace it with yet another S20. I told them repairing it will do nothing because it's the phone model that's the issue. Nothing they can do will fix it!

So I spent an hour tonight chatting with a Verizon rep explaining this and their solution was to try to run me through the troubleshooting process yet again which I shut down immediately since I've already done it probably a hundred times by now already. Their english wasn't great so I didn't even understand their instructions half the time. At one point the chat window stopped registering what was being said and when I refreshed the window the chat and all logs of our conversation were gone. This has happened many times since December.

I have been a customer of Verizon's for a decade now and I have ALWAYS paid my bills on time. Why am I being treated like this? Give me a phone model that is going to WORK! This is all that I'm asking. I am so sick of being tossed back and forth between Verizon and Samsung, having to repeat my story over and over and over again to Verizon reps becuase there's no log of anything in their system from when I spoke to someone the last time! I have really liked working with Verizon until I was cursed with this phone. Are you making it difficult for me because you know that if you do it long enough you know I'll stop calling? Is this really worth saving a few hundred dollars by not giving me what I want? I really don't feel like I'm asking a lot here!

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Re: SO angry with Verizon and Samsung
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We know how important it is to have a fully functioning device. We definitely want to find a solution for you ASAP! We will be sending you a Private Note, so we can further assist you. 

Re: SO angry with Verizon and Samsung
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Did Verizon force an upgrade? No. Did Verizon force you to trade the S9? No. You can upgrade and keep the old equipment at the expense of any promotions. 

Paying the bill doesn't entitle someone to special treatment, it's to be expected to receive service. You get 2 weeks to try a phone to see if it works out. After that, you get a 1 year manufacturer warranty that gets a same model replacement.

If you bought a TV from X brand, a store isn't going to give you brand Y instead just because you asked for it. I don't get why people think a cell phone carrier should work differently.

I have an S20 as well and mine doesn't have these issues. Maybe you should contact the manufacturer since Verizon doesn't make phones.

Re: SO angry with Verizon and Samsung
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I found I had a speed check

Once I got rid of speed check horn went away  

Hope this helps others