Same issues on 4 different Galaxy S7

I purchased the note 7 when it first came out. Shortly after the recall I was actually out of the country and had to turn my phone in but I wasn't able to bring it back to the USA.  After speaking to a representative at Samsung they told me to just trash my Samsung note 7 in Mexico and when I would come back to America they would take care of my warranty. All that worked out great, as a matter of fact my husband, who also had a note 7 switched over to an apple with no problems. I however downgraded  to the Samsung galaxy S7 because I love Samsung. About 3 months later my LTE stopped working because Verizon throttled back my data due to a computer glitch showing i still had the note 7. They fixed it but I have had issues since.

Long story short after a year of battling I have had nothing but issues and I have had my phone warranteed out five times but still continue to have the same problems.

- I will have conflicting 4G LTE issues. I cannot have my Wi-Fi on at the same time as my 4G LTE. Which means I'm constantly having to turn off mobile data or Wi-Fi.

- I'm having dropped calls but not the normal dropped calls you hear about more like my phone hangs up sparatically after about 24 seconds.

- I won't receive my voicemails until I do the factory hard reset.

- i'm also having terrible phone reception and my phone will always tell me that I have 4G LTE and full bars even though Verizon tech support has been able to see that even though it says one thing my phone is actually doing another.

Here's where the problem comes in. I have politely let them warranty out my phone four times. I have factory reset inbetween every replacement two times because that's the common procedure for Verizon. And I've done this without being mean or getting frustrated because I understand there's a protocol and I'm not out for a new phone. I just want mine to work. The last time I spoke to someone they told me that if this happens again there would be a good chance that I should be able to just upgrade to a different phone that's not something Samsung because it's obviously something with Samsung and not my actual 4G LTE. Especially since my husband who's on the same plan never has the same issues. Today someone told me that same thing again and told me that "yes we should just go ahead and get you into something different. let me get you to tech-support and they can take care of that for you."

well tech-support of course just wanted to give me the same exact phone again. At this point I did get frustrated with him because he said that most likely this time it will work.   He basically fed me the line that the computer only gives him certain options and right now the only option is for me to continue to get the Samsung galaxy S7. However I feel that I should be able to at least get something of equal compensation or I should be allowed to upgrade to the iPhone or something else thats not Samsung and just pay the difference. He's telling me I have to pay off the $700 phone I have,  even though I have not actually been able to use my $700 phone since I got it.

is this true?  How many times do I have to factory reset my phone and then get a replacement before you guys just give me something of equal value or let me pay the difference to upgrade to something different. I'm not asking for a lot all I want is for a phone that works that I can make calls on that I can browse the Internet on or that I can use apps on. And right now I can't do that. Yet I'm still paying the monthly payments on this phone and I've only been able to pay off 50%. And Verizons big idea is for me to just pay off the other 50% and get another phone.  Are you kidding me?you basically sold me a bad phone have tried to replace it four times and now you want me to pay to get another phone. There's got to be something you can do. Besides giving me a 5th Galaxy S7

Re: Same issues on 4 different Galaxy S7
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The warranty coverage only provides the same model unless the manufacturer recalls the device due to safety or widespread defects (like Samsing did with the explodimg models).

The warranty replacements are meant to replace  individual device defects. So the good news is, your device is not defective as you’ve received multiple tested replacements. The issues your experiencing would be due to an error in your backup, a conflict in third party apps or settings. (Such as energy/battery savers etc).

As indicated by the issue history thus far if you transfer the same backup files/apps/settings configurations to your next device again a 5th time you’ll absolutely experience the same issues. To get a different model that would need to be purchased as mentioned, but you could consider personally selling your current device. The new owner wouldn’t experience those issues unless they used the he same backup/app/setting configurations you’re currentry using.

If you’re unsure of which settings and such on your phone to correct in order to resolve those issues permanently the best group to contact would be Samsung as the manufacturer, software developer and warranty provider