Samsung 10+ Keyboard

Last Feb of 19 I bought a Samsung 10+ and it was good till May of this yr, then the keyboard started going up and down when I was sending texts or in an App where texting was required. So finally in June I called Verizon for help. The 1st rep on Level One Customer Service sent me a new phone and after a couple of weeks it happened again so I called them again and they told me I had to set the new refurbished piece of garbage back to Factory Standards, so I did and lost everything and as I started to text the same problem happened and so another call and another Rep and this one told me again Factory Standards but not let my apps come back but to get new ones and the same problem so another call to Verizon. This time they transferred me to Jude second level Customer Service at Verizon and he told me it was because of my Gay apps, so again I sent it back to Factory Standards and again the same problem a key board that comes and go at will or letters that type by themselves or if you try and erase one letter the entire text disappears.

Massachusetts has the toughest laws in the Country and discriminating against Gays because our Atty Gen is Gay. I have every intention of reporting you Verizon, you are not a Homophobic company, but you have Homophobic Employees. I wonder if Jude tells this to other Gay guys or maybe if you look at his phone you should remove his Str apps. This should never have been said to me and Jude is a total wiseguy for even saying something like this & I am going to make sure Jude is spoken to and you should fire him for saying that to me. He also promised to call me back and he did at 8 am, I am retired I don't get up at 8 am. This guy is beyond what I can say here

I still have issues with this phone, but T Mobil doesn't know that and I am going to let them buy me out, they over a Over 55 program Country wide, you offer it in select states, like Florida where there all nearly dead!

Don't buy a Samsung anything & don't trust the Cell company you've had for over 10 yrs to be on your side, there customer service terrible!

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Re: Samsung 10+ Keyboard
Customer Service Rep

jaysey1 I'm sorry to learn of your experience. Our goal is to treat our customers with respect and great service.  Thank you for reaching out to us. Please let me know if there is something we can do for you here. DoloresK_VZW