Samsung 10 for the blind

Would the Samsung 10 work for the blind?  I have a friend who is blind and asked what features does the phone have for the blind.

I know the phone has speech to text but that is it for me.

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Re: Samsung 10 for the blind
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It's great to know that you're helping your friend find a phone that works with them. If they haven't already, I would recommend reaching out to our National Accessibility Customer Service (NACS) Center at 1.888.262.1999 (Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm ET). This will ensure they are getting access to alternate billing formats and even special plans if available. This page will show some suggested applications to use on the phone, such as text-to-speech and money readers (among many others): 


As for the specific features of the Galaxy S10, the majority of the functions your friend would benefit from would come from downloaded applications, not directly on the phone. I would suggest bringing them to a store to hold the different phones to see what is easiest to operate, because almost all device interaction comes from the touchscreen: