Samsung 8 no internet service available on the device?

I have a Samsung 8 , this morning, after no damage, impact or water, my phone suddenly had " No service available"   I am showing barely one bar.   I can, however, send texts and make phone calls,.   However anything wireless, including wifi , does not let me operate apps or do internet searchs to do things like find out why my phone is not working in this capacity.   

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jfarrow76, I rely on my phone for everything in my life, and I would be lost if my device was showing no service. It is odd to hear that it just happened out of the blue. You have reached the right place and I am here to help. I want to be on the same page, and get some clarification. Are you unable to use any data (apps and surf web) on and off WiFi? Do other Verizon customers have this issue? What exactly happens when you attempt to use data? SantoC_VZW