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#A50 unsolicited factory reset

I am so upset. My Samsung Galaxy A50 did an unsolicited factory reset and deleted all of my photos and videos since my purchase of the phone which was 3 years ago. I was using the Samsung Gallery app to store my pix and they were supposedly being backed up by google photos. When the factory reset happened, there was no backup and no snapshot of my system before reboot.

I tried to recover with FoneLab, which didn't work in its Quickscan mode. It would do a deep scan, but it requires rooting the phone which, I believe, verizon does not allow. 

PLEASE help! I have so many irreplaceable photos from the last 3 years!


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Peggy1016, we're so sad to learn that this glitch happened on your phone. We want to do everything that we possibly can to help bring those memories back. If you do something called "rooting" your phone this automatically voids any warranty you may have on your phone & we do not support any troubleshooting that are on phones that are "rooted".  

With you stating you had them backed up with Google, they should be there when you did the restore. You can look at this page that provides the steps on how to restore pictures and videos saved via Google. I hope this helps! -Alicia