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Samsung Fascinate Upgrade

My Samsung Fascinate was upgraded June.   It is terrible.  My battery life to less causing me to charge it sometimes twice a day and is just from sitting with no usage and Yes, I have all the tasks closed on my task manager.


 My ALL SOUNDS OFF is GONE which causes my alarms to ring during working hours  and in church instead of just vibrating.   My e-mails are constantly flipping to the top as I am scanning through them.  My bookmarks couldn't be found on my internet, which I have since located.  I do not like the upgrade at all and want to go back, most especially, I want my all sounds off back.  Why would they take that away?  The only upgrade that was of value to me was that the installed APPS were  now alphabetical.  The remainder of the upgrades to me in my opinion were downgrades.  I would think that Verizon would ask us what WE would like not what they THINK we would like.  I went to the Verizon store to complain and the agent told me the upgrades come from Verizon and not Samsung.  Highly disappointing.


A great upgrade would be that the phone would light up when a text is received similar to when a call comes in.  Please give me back my all sounds off!