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Samsung Fascinate = WORTHLESS

Ok so I've gone through 3 of the Samsung fascinates in  under a month all with same issue of randomly taking screen shots for no reason and randomly deciding to close out to the home screen, not to mention the added problems that I picked up with every replacement the first one I had lasted almost 3 weeks the second lasted a week and a half and the last one wouldn't even activate out of the box are you kidding me where is the 100 point inspection these phones are sposto go through either the person testing this one was out on the day they went over activations or just didn't care or both I've been patient over the last month but today I get the phone they decide to replace it with and guess what they forgot to include the back and battery they sent me an empty box the back and battery was sposto be in  REALLY, REALLY its great that i got a phone but HOW AM I SPOSTO TURN IT ON!!!!!!! not to mention when my wife called they said we have to deal with fedex and file a claim why the box was unopened the tamper proof tape was still intact so on what planet would that be fedex fault and my wife calls back to verizon and this time gets hung up on great customer service let me tell you. all around Fail on verizons side and the problem is they don't even care. So if you were thinking about getting a fascinate don't O wait you cant because they don't even sale them under the like new models any more wonder why that could be hummmmmmm.... ill be calling verizon shortly... this should be fun......