Samsung Fascinate bluetooth issues went away !

I just about had it and was ready to dump my Samsung Fascinate because the bluetooth experience was so poor/unreliable...


Then I went to the Verizon kiosk at BJ's in Nashua NH and spoke with the Cust Svc Rep there..


She said that


1) Samsung is supposed to come out with new firmware fix due out Dec 15 2011 - but she said it may come out even sooner - so to stay tuned for it on your Fascinate...


2) Its supposed to fix the bluetooth issues as well as the missing txt-msging issues.. ( and maybe some other things. ..)


FWIW I had the original Motorola Droid but its bluetooth meda streaming was choppy and i think due to the slower cpu in it..


So I took my wife's old Samsung Fascinate but after multiple pairings I had serious bluetooth, media streaming issues with headsets (Jawbone ICON) and my car (Ford Flex 2010 with MSFT Sync).  I disconnected and unpaired my phone from my car and then I updated the firmware in my car and while I am not sure if anything was actually changed in the car firmware... I repaired my phone with car and then voila my Fascinate started behaving much better and working properly... and now my Jawbone ICON headset was working fine now as well ...


I will test things for the next day or two and then report back in hopes that this worked for me.  However some of you who are angry at Samsung should hold out for the F/W fix too see if it works for ya...


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Re: Samsung Fascinate Bluetooth issues went away !
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Just to let you know the EH03 update started OTA yesterday. It updates the phone to 2.3 gingerbread.


The Bluetooth has changed in this release from what I can see so far. I had to add to my LG stereo headset again to the phone to get it working reliably. I tried to fix the connection to my laptop, but didn't get it working again.  I used to share pictures through the Bluetooth to the laptop and even after repairing, removing and repairing, I still can't send pictures across it right now.


I need to run a few a more tests and back up items this weekend. Then I plan to do a factory reset to see if that fixes my remaining Bluetooth issues.