Samsung Galaxy 7 missing video camera feature.
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I don't have any idea what happened to the video camera feature or when it disappeared. My son tried to video chat with me from England while they were having my 9 year old grand daughter's birthday party but I couldn't get the video. They could see me but my screen remained black. The same thing happened the other day while I was at the beach.

How can I get the video feature of my camera back? Since my sons are in the military it upsets me when they video call and I can't see them. Please help me.

Re: Samsung Galaxy 7 missing video camera feature.
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Have you gone into connections-advance calling to see what settings are in there?

Re: Samsung Galaxy 7 missing video camera feature.
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I understand the importance of getting this working to stay in touch with your sons. We are here to help. Does the front facing camera work when taking photos? Is anything covering the top of the screen such as a case?


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