Samsung Galaxy A10e dropping calls and contacts

I have a Samsung Galaxy A10e that has been dropping calls on a regular basis.  Occasionally, I have very delayed voicemail and text messages.  It does not matter where I am (home, travelling out of state, inside, outside....).  I do NOT want a new phone, I just got this one a year ago.  My husband has a slightly different model and has no issues.  

I have also lost contacts both from within my phone contacts and Outlook.  The outlook issue appears resolved but am still losing them if I just add to My Contacts. 

This is unacceptable since I work from home and use my phone for both business and personal texts and calls and no longer have a land line.  Please advise how to resolve these issues!

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Re: Samsung Galaxy A10e dropping calls and contacts
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The last thing that we want is for you to have to worry about your calls dropping. We will be happy to look into this for you. Have you tried to restart your device to see if the issue continues? Also, does this happen with every phone call? DavidR_VZW

Re: Samsung Galaxy A10e dropping calls and contacts
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Seems a phone issue to me as it's affecting your contact also would think a reset may work but not knowing if any other problems are there hard to say but can say myself and many others have reported dropped calls seems there latest script reply are having 1 bar is in there accept range and your in a marginal coverage area i.e too bad your service was never meant to be good that seems to be there cover story now