Samsung Galaxy J7V Issues Can Not Correct

Earlier today my phone rebooted by itself.  When it came back up the homescreen had a totally black background, but all of my apps icons were visible. The keys on either side of my HOME key would not work and the notification bar at the top of the screen was gone. In the past two hours, it has started rebooting itself about 10 - 15 times an hour - on its own.  I can receive text messages, phone calls and "some" notifications.  But I can not type a text or type in a search engine because my keyboard is no longer showing up when I touch the space I'm supposed to be able to type in. I have rebooted, I have started it in SAFE MODE, I have cleared the "cache" totally and uninstalled three apps that I thought were the possible reasons.  I was also going to do a factory reset, but I misread the instructions and deleted my google account before I was supposed to backup my files, etc and now I can't reinstall my google account because I can't type in my email address and information. I'm afraid to do a factory reset because I can't back up all my data and files and I don't want to lose everything on my phone.  I am sooooo frustrated....please help !!! Thank you !!

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Re: Samsung Galaxy J7V Issues Can Not Correct
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I am sorry for the situation as I know the importance of being able to rely on your phone. Did this start after installing a new app or update? TO confirm , t he keyboard still did not work in Safe Mode? YaleK_VZW