Samsung Galaxy Nexus won't turn back on or charge!!!

My only a couple months old Galaxy Nexus died on me today. Last week, it did the same thing. I was working out, listening to Pandora on the phone and it just turned off. But when I plugged in the charger, it was charing at least. Then I turned the phone on and the green android guy came on and won't start. I had to take the battery out a couple times for it start finally. Well I thought, that was close! Today it did the same thing again! The phone turned off and came back on on its own, and started updating Google Play stuff. But it showed that the battery was fully charged which was not true. I got home and plugged in the charger and it was not showing that the phone was charging. So I thought, well maybe i'll power off the phone and turn back on. maybe it'll recognize the charger! To my dismay, the phone never turned back on! I plugged the charger in, the battery with the lightning bolt won't even come back on!! I did the volume down button and power button ...nothing..absolutely nothing. It's like something took the life out of my phone! This is my second Nexus. The first one died the same way and I bought a new one only about 2 months ago! The phone has no damage whatsoever. VZW is gonna send me a refurbished replacement, nonetheless..this is stupid! how can a phone so expensive just up and died on me..not once but twice! hopefully, this refurbished one will last me til my upgrade in April...maybe I won't ever go back to Samsung phones again!! Smiley Sad