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Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I have had my phone since July 2012 and the battery has not stayed charged for more than a couple of hours.  I contacted Verizon directly and after considerable time with Verizon on the issue, I was then directed to Samsung.  Verizon does not receive or replace batteries with Samsung any longer, so you must deal directly with Samsung.  After another lengthy time with Samsung, if I wanted a new battery for my phone, I must mail my phone back to Samsung.  The estimated return time from Samsung was approximately 10-15 days.

If I want to use the insurance, then I must also mail my phone back or produce a police report if the phone has been lost or stolen.

What a dilemna!  I am not a normally patient person, so my husband called and took care of this issue, which resulted in language out of his otherwise calm mouth that would not be considered proper.

So Verizon and Samsung are not on my top ten list.  I still have my phone with its dwindling charge and contant re-charging.  Any thoughts with the service with Verizon and/or Samsung.  Any solutions.  Now be nice..... 

Re: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Sr. Member

It sounds as though you have a choice to make.  You have been given 2 solutions.  You need to chose 1 of those and move on it.  You would also have one other choice and that is if you think the problem is just the a new battery and try it.  If you fix the problem this way you can forget about they whole thing.

Re: Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Yes I have been given a choice 1) to mail back my phone or 2) mail back my phone.  Not sure about you, but I need my phone and do not want to mail it back to them.  So the solution is to try to use the insurance and pay $100, call the police and say it is lost and still pay $100 for a defective phone (not the battery).  All solutions lead to unhappy. 

Thanks for responding.

Re: Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Aren't there many places to buy Galaxy Nexus batteries? It IS user replaceable.

As I  suspected, you can order replacement batteries, and the extended battery bundle dirctly from Amazon

Standard battery is $12.46. and the extended battery and it's cover are $29.29.

Re: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Sr. Leader

If you are using Google Now.  That's your problem.  Chances are your media server should be near the top of your battery list instead of the bottom.  It's a KNOWN bug through the root community and Google knows it as well.  So far turning off Google now has greatly increased battery life for most people.  Also turning off Google backup helps as well.