Samsung Galaxy S20 5G no basic S20 at release
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Samsung Galaxy S20 5G release is a mess. No mmWave on the base S20 5G only low-band network. S20 Ultra and S20+ will have mmWave buy you need a 30-year loan to afford those. Verizon is promising a mmWave base model for Q2 2020. Why doesn't the Verizon have an S20 5G base model have mmWave at rollout.

Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G ($1,399 retail)
Galaxy S20+ 5G ($1,199 retail)
Galaxy S20 5G 5G low-band network” = sub-6 ($999 retail)

Verizon isn't releasing the base S20 5G low band network only version but is promising a mmWave one in Q2 2020. You wouldn't want a Verizon low-band network phone with no mmWave. Verizon is currently using the faster mmWave 5G and slowly rolling out low band 5G

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