Samsung Galaxy S8+ Boot Cyling - Only when plugged in

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ that will not power on unless plugged in and when plugged in powers on automatically and cycles through the boot screen where it says Samsung Galaxy. Just turns on, then off, then on. There was no pysical damage to the phone, no moisture and I'm using the charger that came with the phone. even tried a charger from another S8+ on my account. Samusng provided no help and Verizon directed me here. I installed a new syste, update the night before this began. Been through all of the troubleshooting possibilities I can find.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S8+ Boot Cyling - Only when plugged in
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Let's make sure you can depend on your device, and stop it from getting stuck in a boot loop. You mentioned that you had tried troubleshooting already. Did this include a factory reset of the device?
If you have tried a Factory reset and the issue is still happening, please look for my private message, so we can discuss replacement options.