Samsung Galaxy S8 wifi calling

Has anyone found a solution to the Wifi calling issue with the Galaxy S8? I have read several threads with many reporting the same issue I am having---keeps turning off by itself and constantly sending notification to turn it on, even when it appears to already be on.

I cannot get any calls while I am at work and I missed a VERY important one last week.

It is obvious that this problem occurred after the last system update. I have tried all of the so called "fixes" that were posted by verizon on the other threads. Please let me know if Verizon is working on this or if I need to change carriers. I cannot stay without a phone.

Re: Samsung Galaxy S8 wifi calling
Customer Service Rep

hgo998, I'm truly sorry to learn that you've missed important calls at work. We surely don't want to lose your business and appreciate the opportunity to help. While the Wifi notification concern is still under investigation we do recommend ensuring you've checked the terms and conditions and then hit cancel and the Wifi should stay on and notification should then, go away. Can you please try this step and let us know if your experience improves?


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