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I know my phone is older but it has been phenomenal since the beginning. I am on Verizon Prepaid, so I am not sure if that has anything to do with what is happening right now. For the past two months, I wasn't getting email, Facebook, and other app notifications. Phone calls were not going through on the first try as well.  I worked for Verizon a few years back so I know how to troubleshoot basic problems. But no matter what I did, nothing worked. Finally, on Friday, October 8th, 2021, I went to my local Verizon store and got a new sim card.

Since then, my service has been terrible. The only thing that seems to be resolved is phone calls. Since the new sim card was installed; sending and receiving texts, picture messages, notifications (email, texts, voicemail, Facebook messenger, ect.) , loading web pages, loading music, and using google maps is not working properly. Which has never been a problem before. My maps will constantly say GPS Signal Lost, webpages will never load, I have to resend a message multiple times, my music will say I’ve lost connection. It's very frustrating. I’ve tried uninstalling apps, moving my pictures off the phone, Network Resetting, turning my phone on and off. I just don't know what to do anymore. My last resort is to fully reset the phone.

To top it all off this is all happening while I have full bars and the 4G LTE bar is highlighted in the top right corner. So why isn't my service working? Did the store associate give me a faulty Sim Card? Are the Verizon Towers treating 4G LTE like 3G now? I cannot afford a new phone and I am hoping someone in this community chat will have a solution for me.

Jade Hodge
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Hearing that  you are having difficulty using your phone like you used to concerns us, we are here for you and want to work with you to get this matter resolved.  Can you please send us a Private Message, so we can discuss? *Lisa