Samsung Network Extender 4G and Note 10+ 5G
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I think this should be moved to a different board but I cant find one that fits.  I've done as much trouble shooting myself as possible over the past year or MORE. This has been going on so long that I've forgotten how long.  We have a business account.  Here is my issue. 

When connected to the Network Extender and I am on a voice call:

I receive a text that is sent to a GROUP text, the person I am speaking with can't hear me for approximately 30 seconds.  They only hear a click click click sound. I can hear them perfectly fine.  Most people hang up as soon as I don't respond.  If I am quick enough to unplug the extender it works normally again. 

WIFI calling is not an option. My home is large and I had to stand still in certain spots, no thank you. 

Things I have tried: 

Talking several times over the past few months to Verizon. 

Different text apps

New sim card

Called Samsung - total waste of time

Replacement phone (got it this week and NO it still is happening!) I do like my shiny new phone though...

I had my son and his wife live with me for a short time. Their Samsung phones had the very same problem. 

I have recreated the situation, on a voice call, group text, connected to extender, with my husbands iphone and it was FINE. 

After purchasing the Note 10+ I do not want to switch to iphone unless there is NO other option.  I've been a die hard Samsung user.  I can't be the only person that has this problem.  Is there a different extender to try?  Anyone have any suggestions for me? This is a constant problem as I am on group text daily.   My daily callers are pretty aggravated with this as well.  I hear OMG can't you fix this... get a new phone, get a new provider etc.  HELP!



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