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Samsung Nexus IS GARBAGE & Verizon DOESN'T care!!!!

I have had to return my phone 3 times and each time they send me another piece of junk.  It would be nice if Verizon would listen to their customers!  I want a phone I don't have to constantly return.  I want a different phone! The business of Verizon is going DOWNHILL!  I definitely am thinking of not renewing with them.  The company doesn't care and love the fact they have 2 year contracts that hold people with their horrible products!  I hope this message gets to the president of Verizon and maybe something will be done because customer service has been ZERO help!

Anyone have any ideas????


Re: Samsung Nexus IS GARBAGE & Verizon DOESN'T care!!!!
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Please take my reply as an observation.

You picked out your phone, Verizon did not force you to buy the Nexus you wanted it.

The phone should have been RESEARCHED prior to purchase, Google is your friend and doing a comparison of what others have said good or bad would have made you aware of what you were purchasing. You cannot blame Verizon for your choices.

Now Verizon has done what they are required to do, under warranty they give you certified like new replacements. Personally I don't use tgat service, I eat the purchase and pay for brand new. Many folks cannot afford to do this.

You are locked into a 24 month contract because you did not want to pay $700 for your phone and went for 1/4 the price and upgrade fee or new activation fee of $35 so you again took the low road and knew what the terms were BEFORE you signed up for service. Again Verizon cannot be blamed for that. The phone is crap, or you just have bad replacements so if you want a new replacement device you can either buy another at full price, or buy from a web site that has used Nexus devices or just find a friend with a cell hanging around and borrow that and use on your account.

Sorry that your phone selection was a poir choice, but it was your choice.

Good Luck

Re: Samsung Nexus IS GARBAGE & Verizon DOESN'T care!!!!

I bought my Nexus from a private party after it was used for two weeks by that person. I still have the same phone. If I want to use a different phone, I can switch to the older Tbolt I also own.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Samsung Nexus IS GARBAGE & Verizon DOESN'T care!!!!
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Exactly, and in your case the phone is functional.

Re: Samsung Nexus IS GARBAGE & Verizon DOESN'T care!!!!
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I purchased one about 2 weeks after they came out and within a week to 10 days I returned it to VZW and was more than happy to pay the $35.00 restocking fee and go back to my MOTO X.  That phone was the absolute worst phone I ever used.