Samsung Note 9 Update issue

If anyone else is having issues with turning off their clock alarm by pressing the DISMISS button, this  Samsung update forces you to "SLIDE" the Dismiss button to the right. Also, when your phone is locked an you can't just tap the "ANSWER" icon when you get a call, this software change forces you to slide the icon to the right too. If you are like me I want this set back to the way it was, I don't want to be forced to slide when all I had to do is tap once.

Verizon tech support and Samsung Tech support didn't know about the April 2019 update making these software changes, nor did the Samsung Tech Center that I was sent to that re-forced the update after a Device Factory Reset was done. I can't blame Verizon for not knowing if they weren't briefed by Samsung, but after spending over 3 hours at Verizon and the Samsung Tech Repair Center I'm not a happy camper.

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