Samsung S20 FE UW 5G camera missing features
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I purchased two new Samsung S20 FE UW 5G phones. They work well for us.  I took some pictures and images for my youtube channel DrB DIY.  While processing the video, I noticed that all media was recorded at 1920x1080.  Then I realized there are no settings in the default camera app to change resolution or camera lens.  I searched for some time and my understanding is that verizon/samsung/google changed the app so that a newbee can use the camera and not modify settings. What?  Deal breaker for me.   I installed Open Camera and there were all of the settings, resolutions, etc.  What happened?  My previous samsung phone camera apps were just fine. Please help.

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Re: Samsung S20 FE UW 5G camera missing features
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Thank you so much for your patience. We appreciate you reaching out to us tonight. I'm sending you a link for the

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G UW - Common Camera Settings