Samsung S20 charging issues

This phone only has 2 weeks of use and it started having issues with charging.  I noticed that it would not be fully charged using the wireless port and then noticed when I  used the wired charger that it will randomly show the charging circle and then it goes back to what it was doing without intervention.  There are several other sites showing this to be an issue. I just performed an update on it that was available but it does not appear to have affected the issue. Reboot during the update did not help. 

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Re: Samsung S20 charging issues
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Eyecue-   I have the s20+, but I'm sure the charging works the same.  If I plug in my charger, the circle only appears momentarily showing what level the battery is charged to.  If you pull down the notifications tab, it should show you how much time it will take to fully charge your battery.   You can also go to Settings/Device care/Battery to get an idea how full your battery is, which apps are using the most of your battery power, etc...


Perhaps you already knew the above?   I have a wireless charger that I bought with my s8+, but I never use it, so I can't give any insight on what's going on with that.   Good luck!

Re: Samsung S20 charging issues
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No one likes to experience charging issues, eyecue. We will be happy to help. Did the information DMathews1 provided help out? When using the wired charger, does the battery charge fully? What happens if you leave the device on the wireless charger for a longer period?