Samsung S21 Useless Since Last Update
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I saw one additional thread about this but Samsung and Verizon don't seem to be doing much about it. Since the latest update my phone is useless for calls. It just keeps cutting in and out. It is making remote work from home impossible. I have restarted the phone, checked SIM card, tried with/without WIFI calling, etc. All the suggestions given online. Nothing works. 


When are Verizon and Samsung going to fix this?????

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Re: Samsung S21 Useless Since Last Update
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This has been going for 2 weeks now.  I've got field pm's trying to build buildings all over New England and they can't complete a phone call.  I made several posts on Samsung's forum and they have all been deleted.  So now Samsung is censoring their posts to keep this problem under wraps.  Verizon please help us this has gone on long enough and now Samsung is refusing to even acknowledge the issue!  

Re: Samsung S21 Useless Since Last Update
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Same issues for me. Would love an update from Samsung or Verizon.  Data seems to work in some areas but of course not at home where I work from home.  Apps and websites time out and never load, MMS messages take forever to send, and phone is virtually useless.  I've already factory reset my phone and it's still useless.