Samsung S23+ wifi calling
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On Verizon prepaid and just moved to an area where there is great service all over the city except for home and work. Have been using WiFi calling as a solution and it's been working out pretty well (with the exception of MMS not going through).

My wife and I upgraded to new Samsung Galaxy S23+  and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra #. Got all of her stuff switched over from her old galaxy so and it appears that the S23+ doesn't have an option for wifi calling... Searching topics, it says that it should be under the connections or phone settings, but it's not there at all. It works fine on my note 9 and her s9, but not even an option when searched in her settings. This shouldn't be a carrier issue since it is working on our other phones... And it shouldn't be a phone issue since there are obviously a lot of folks who don't have the issu

Can someone please help me? I don't want to switch service, and I don't want to have to return the phone that I already bought and  put screen protectors and a case on. But I have to have wifi calling since my family doesn't have service at the house and I don't have service at work without it. 

Re: Samsung S23+ wifi calling
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Hello, Levi! Thank you for taking the time to send us a message. We are more than happy to take a deeper look into this and see what is going on with the device.

Have you tried restarting the device?