Samsung S8 Purchase

My wife and I were in the King of Prussia store on 4/21/17 to get new phones.  We were sold on the Samsung Galaxy S8s, and one of the reasons was that the rep told us that we would qualify for a promotion that Samsung currently had where we would qualify for a free Gear VR and/or a 245 GB memory card...we could get one or the other for each phone purchased.

After purchasing the phones, I went onto Samsung's website only to find that there was no promotion for a 245 GB memory card, and that in order to qualify for the Gear VR, the phones needed to be purchased by 4/20/17.  I registered anyway, as the store rep told me I could, and received an email indicating that my purchase was not completed by the deadline.

We are very upset by the fact that we were given misleading/incorrect information.  Is Verizon willing to do anything to make up for this bad experience???

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The salespeople definitely should have accurately explain the promotions. If you follow up with that rep and/their manager they may be able to work with you more, at the very least be able to waive restocking fees if you were to return the devices due to the misinformation