Samsung S9+ Software Update

My S9 went through an update Feb 12, 2019. Since then my phone will not give an audible notification for text messages and email while the bluetooth is on. Verison could not help. Sent the phone to Samsung now it is worse than before. While pressing the bluetooth button and saying "call XXX" the voice is in slow motion. HELP!

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I can appreciate the sound notification for alerts on my device as well. WFBloom. Thank you for bringing this to our attention so that we can get your sound back.

You mentioned this happened after the software update. Are you saying this only happens when you are connected to your Bluetooth? Can you hear the sounds when Bluetooth is not connected? 


Once an update is completed on your device,you should also make sure your apps are up to date. Make sure your text app and email app are current


From there, make sure the sound notifications are set for your texts as well as your email


Once that is done, power the phone off and on in order to test the notification sounds with your Bluetooth off and on. Please let us know if that worked for you.