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The Samsung S9 has been on Software Update 11 for the past 2 months. I have noticed that other devices on Verizons network has been updated to reflect the most recent update for that device. Why is the S9 not being updated? The device is only a year old, is Verizon abandoning the S9 already to push their Samsung S10 5G phone?

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different phones have different updates.

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I'm happy to shed some light on the software update process, EGRVB6559. I want to make sure that information about updates is clear and understandable as we certainly don't want you to be confused as to why your phone hasn't received an update recently. To clarify, software updates are designed by the manufacturer and later approved for quality and compatibility with our network by Verizon. Once all testing is completed and approved, a release will follow. While we don't have any road map or future release schedule to relay, you can read about the most recent updates available for the Samsung Galaxy S9 right here: Additionally, instructions for how to complete the update are available in the article as well. You are correct that System Update 11 is the most recent update at this time. Does this clear up the details?