Samsung S9+ WiFi Huawei Airbox not visible in Airplane Mode

This is really driving me crazy.   I have a Huawei hotspot with a local service here in Afghanistan.   Up till yesterday it would be visible and connect with my phone in Airplane Mode with just WiFi on.    Yesterday the hotspot battery died, and ever since the only time my phone will see it is when Airplane mode is off.    I have my data turned off to avoid international fees, and I was using WiFi calling with the hotspot and my phone in Airplane mode.    That has somehow changed since the battery dying and now the only way it is seen the phone has to have airplane mode off.   If I turn airplane mode on, and then turn on the wifi it will disappear and it will say it is out of range.    I spent some time on customer service today and they wasn't sure what was going on.

I have a private internet access vpn service that I use since I am international.  I uninstalled it to make sure it wasn't causing issues and no change.

I did a soft reboot, no change.... I did a cache wipe, no change.   I reset the network settings, no change... I reset all settings to default.. no change.

In airplane mode and WiFi on, it will see all the other signals around me that are broadcasting, but my Huawei.

Any ideas I can try?


Re: Samsung S9+ WiFi Huawei Airbox not visible in Airplane Mode
Verizon Employee

DONP1126, wishing you safe travels while in Afghanistan. This is a great question and assistance is here as I know how important it is to have access to the Wi-Fi options on your Samsung Galaxy S9+. Using a mobile hotspot with a local provider is a great workaround while overseas. So sorry to hear that things have changed after the battery died. Help is here. Because you are not in the U.S. and using a third-party hotspot, we can only provide general assistance. I would definitely recommend resetting the network settings and try to manually add the mobile hotspot. Please see the links provided and keep us posted on your progress.

Click here for the steps to reset network settings:

Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ - Reset Network Settings | Verizon Wireless

Click here for the steps to manually add a Wi-Fi Network:

Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ - Manually Add a Wi-Fi Network | Verizon Wireless


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