Samsung Smartphones Verizon One Talk Dialer - Missing One Talk Settings in Enhanced Dialer

I've been subscribed to Verizon One Talk for over a year now with good results using both Yeahlink desk phones and a Galaxy S10+ and Note 20 Ultra with Enhanced Dialer. Initially both cell phone dialer features worked great allowing the ease to transfer calls and to set up call forwarding through Dialer Settings > One Talk Settings. However, I feel there may have been an update to the One Talk Dialer or other part of the smartphone's software that recently disabled the App. The One Talk Dialer appears to be a preinstalled app that is separate from the One Talk App you download from Google Play Store. One Talk Dialer Settings are no longer available through the Enhanced Dialer and the convenient Transfer call button is also no longer available. When I used to press any phone link (through a text message or web site) I was given an option to call via the phones One Talk Dialer App. Now that choice is no longer visible. I've must have spent over 20 hours researching online what the problem could be, including disabling and reenabling features through Verizon Business and phone settings, 2.5 hour with customer support and ultimately a factory reset on the S10+. Nothing has worked. There is no options to uninstall One Talk Dialer (currently version 1.0.27 that indicates it was downloaded from My Verizon Services) or anywhere to download the app individually. I noticed my phone (Note 20 Ultra) lost the transfer feature last month. My dispatcher (who uses the transfer feature the most on her S10+) just returned from a month leave of absence to find her smartphone missing the features too. Has anyone else had this experience with the Enhanced Dialer on their Verizon Galaxy smartphones? I've tried using the App downloaded from the Good Play Store and iPhone App Store for another phone, but they are a little more difficult to navigate just to use the Transfer call feature.

Both phones have Android version 12. S10+ sim shows connected to LTE for mobile voice and data. Note 20 Ultra had LTE for mobile voice and NR NSA for mobile data. All phones can still make and received calls without issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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