Samsung Z Fold 2 Setting notification sounds for individual applications
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How do I set notification sounds for individual apps on the Samsung Z Fold 2? 

When I go to Settings > Apps > Messages(or any app) > Notifications, I only have the option to 'Show notifications', 'Incoming messages', and 'App icon badges'. There's no option to set the sound for this (or any) application.

Is there a global setting that turns this feature on or off? Is there an app in the Play Store to override this limitation?

I'm getting very frustrated in trying to get this set. I would like to differentiate my notification sounds so I know which are texts and which are other notifications. I'm beginning to think I'll have to turn off notifications for all other applications so I'm not bothered every time I get a non-text notification. 

This is my first Samsung phone and likely my last.

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