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I just switched to Verizon from US cellular, getting the S20 plus. I asked the representative that was helping me how to log into my Samsung cloud and she told me I was already logged in and it would take time for my phone to restore everything, so I believed her and let my phone continue to update/restore over the new few hours. I am not finding that I can even access my photos, contacts or messages on this phone.. so by switching to Verizon I lost all my data???

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Re: Samsung cloud
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We definitely don't want you losing any data.  Are you able to and have you logged into your Samsung Account/Cloud on your phone now?

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Verizon has nothing to do with any cloud service other than their own. Unless you wiped your old phone, your photos would be on the old device. Try using the Samsung Smart Switch app or Verizon's contrent transfer app.