Samsung note 4 photo transfer problem, need help

On May 31,2017 a firmware update was installed on my Samsung note 4 phone. Yesterday I tried to transfer my photos to my computer as usual and I got "no photos on this device". Well, there are many photos on the phone. I spent 2 whole days following all advice on every venue you can

think of, finally remembered the update. I don't know if it is a coincidence or the cause. Also all I do Is plug in to my computer and phone and the

photos transfer. Is there an update for this process? All I read about was a "Kies".. I don't know what that is, if anyone can explain would appreciate.

Should, and how can I get rid of the firmware update to see if that's the cause. (I can always redownload it if it is a necessary item) IS ANYONE OUT THERE HAVING THIS SAME PROBLEM OF NOT BEING ABLE TO TRANSFER THE PHOTOS TO THE COMPUTER ALL OF A SUDDEN?    It is so frustrating. I appreciate any information to help solve this .   thank you so much.

Re: Samsung note 4 photo transfer problem, need help
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Not being able to transfer photos the way you're used to is never fun. Let's work together through this.

First, Kies is a software program owned by Samsung. It's a program you download to your computer for file transferring. It is certainly an option your manufacturer provides you.

Secondly, I understand how the new software update hasn't made a good impression on you. Software updates are meant to improve your experience and are crucial for the operation of a device, so once the software is updated it cannot be uninstalled.

It is possible you may have to get into your Developer Options and adjust some settings.

Start by going to Settings and scroll down to the bottom. Above "About Phone" you should see Developer options in the menu. If you don't thats OK. Let's take a step back and turn this feature on.

To turn on Developer Mode:

1. Tap on "About Phone"

2. Scroll down the list until you see "Build number"

3. Tap on Build number 7 times. You will get a pop up confirmation that developer mode is back on.

Once you've done this, please go back to your settings menu and you will see Developer Options in the list.

1. Please ensure your USB debugging is checked

2. Search for USB Configuration and ensure this is set to MTP or PTP (try both to see which works for you). This changes the settings from recognizing your USB cord as a charger only to a data transfer.

Keep us posted.


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