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Samsung note 7

I was told at a Verizon store that if I bought a phone out right they still charged you a $20fee per month anyway...but if you bought the phone on the payment plan you would be charged a monthly fee for the phone....this makes no sense to this correct?

Re: Samsung note 7

You are on the older plan and that's what happens. On the newer plan that doesn't happen.

Re: Samsung note 7
Super User
Super User

What plan are you currently on?  There are 3 (or two, depending on your plan) ways to purchase a phone:

1- Buy it, full price up front, from Verizon or another source.  Another way of saying this is BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) - the line access fee on the new Verizon plan is $20, plus your data bucket (S,M,L,etc).  The data can be shared by up to 10 devices, each with an access fee.  On the older legacy More everything plan, your line access fee may or may not be discounted from $40.  We need more details to determine if you  would pay $40 or something less, but that would only apply if you are currently on More Everything and don't change that plan.

2- Buy the phone on a device payment plan - put $ down (or not), and divide the remainder of the phone price by 24 months.  Your line access, as in #1, is $20, and then add the device cost to your monthly bill.

3- If you are currently on More Everything, you can purchase a phone for the 2 yr contract price, and your line access fee will be $40.  One (relatively) low up front payment for the phone ($50, $200 or $300 depending on the phone you choose) but a higher line access for the 2 years of the contract... do the math to see if it's cheaper to buy the phone outright and pay a lower monthly fee.  If yo uare on the newer plans, the contract purchase is no longer an option - you have to do a DPP or buy the phone  for full price.

Post back if you have more questions...