Samsung note 9 network issue

Hi guys,

My device is a samsung note N 9600 and its factory unlocked. Last week I ported out from T-mobile to keep my original number and now facing a wried issue.
When I ported out from T-mobile, VZW network couldnt be recognized as I tried to activate the VZW sim card. My number displayed normally but "Unknown network " above the number, and no call or text can be made. However, after I RESET my device to factory model, it SUCCESSFULLY recognized VZW and LTE function works well. Sounds wried? The story doesnt end here.
Yesterday after I turned off the VZW sim card by accident-- n9600 is a dual sim card which allows you to turn either sim card off-- the network connection lost again, im not talking about LTE connection, but all network service including internet, phone call and text function. Tried a lot to get the connection back but failed. Guess what? RESET, THEN VZW comes back!!! Being driven by curiosity, I turned off the sim card agian, and then, as my expect, no network connection. Ok, rest---works---turning off sim card---no connection---reset……
I am really annoyed by this and have no idea why it occurs. So if anyone of you have clue of it, plz let me know.

Thank you in advance!


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Re: Samsung note 9 network issue
Customer Service Rep

Hello, and welcome to our Verizon Wireless family! We are sorry to hear that you are unable to make any calls, or text messages after porting your number over, and bringing your unlocked device from T-Mobile. We definitely do not want you to have to do a Factory Reset in your device due to losing service every time you restart your phone, and we will be glad to help you get this corrected. Now please keep in mind that certain devices are made to work with the frequencies made for different wireless carriers, and for this reason, we don't guarantee that your device will work if brought to a different carrier other than the one designated for your device even if it is unlocked. Have you ever considered trading your device in to get credit for it, and use that credit to maximize your savings on a Verizon Wireless device to ensure you have the best possible experience with our service? -David